One White Elephant (1 out of 4 rating) I downloaded the Audiobook version of “England my England” when Audible was giving it away; if I had paid money for it, I probably would have asked for a refund. Despite its subtitle, the book does nothing to explain Anglophilia – it doesn’t even seem to make […]

  Three Warhorses (3 out of 4 rating)   Three Warhorses (3 out of 4 rating) In these two books, Australian historian Paul Ham comprehensively covers two subjects which may not be well known outside Australia. Prior to reading these works, I knew that Australian troops had served in Vietnam, but didn’t know any details, […]

Four Feudal Estates (4 out of 4 rating) This is one of my favorite history books; If I were making a top 10 list, or even top 5, I’m pretty sure this book would be on it. If you’re interested in military history, the book has Inca vs. Inca, Inca vs. Spanish, and Spanish vs. […]

  Three Warhorses (3 out of 4 rating) Several topics are scattered throughout this book; I’ve listed them below in descending order, based on my impression of how much space was devoted to each: The biology of the American (clawed) lobster – the majority of the book. Mini-biographies of several lobster biologists – a significant […]

Two Loaves of Bread (2 out of 4 rating) This book covers the allied attempts to hunt down a small German army in East Africa during the First World War; the campaign lasted from the start of the war until the armistice. Some naval history is also included: the commerce raiding and battles of the […]

Four Feudal Estates (4 out of 4 rating) This is the history of the Roman Tenth Legion from its founding by Julius Caesar to its demise under the Byzantine Empire. The majority of the book follows Caesar’s conquests and civil war battles, although there is also significant coverage of the Jewish uprisings against Rome. Battles […]

Four Feudal Estates (4 out of 4 rating) Four Feudal Estates (4 out of 4 rating) I was working on a top 10 list of my favorite history books, and I noticed that two of the books I chose were written by the same author: Roger Crowley. I read these books a while ago, so […]

  Three Warhorses (3 out of 4 rating) Intrepid Aviators is the story of a squadron of US navy Avenger (torpedo bomber) pilots fighting in the Pacific during the Second World War. The book is written by the son of one of the squadron’s pilots. I almost didn’t purchase it due to some reviews claiming […]

I use four ratings, rather than the traditional ‘five star’ system, as otherwise I find it too easy to simply take the middle road.  Here is some information about the symbols I use for my ratings, as well as my criteria for assigning them:   Four Feudal Estates I grant the author four feudal estates, […]