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World War I – the African Front

Two Loaves of Bread (2 out of 4 rating) This book covers the allied attempts to hunt down a small German army in East Africa during the First World War; the campaign lasted from the start of the war until the armistice. Some naval history is also included: the commerce raiding and battles of the […]

The Amazing Roger Crowley

Four Feudal Estates (4 out of 4 rating) Four Feudal Estates (4 out of 4 rating) I was working on a top 10 list of my favorite history books, and I noticed that two of the books I chose were written by the same author: Roger Crowley. I read these books a while ago, so […]

Intrepid Aviators

  Three Warhorses (3 out of 4 rating) Intrepid Aviators is the story of a squadron of US navy Avenger (torpedo bomber) pilots fighting in the Pacific during the Second World War. The book is written by the son of one of the squadron’s pilots. I almost didn’t purchase it due to some reviews claiming […]