The Secret Life of Lobsters


Three Warhorses
(3 out of 4 rating)

Several topics are scattered throughout this book; I’ve listed them below in descending order, based on my impression of how much space was devoted to each:

  • The biology of the American (clawed) lobster – the majority of the book.
  • Mini-biographies of several lobster biologists – a significant component of the book.
  • Mini-biographies of several lobstermen on Little Cranberry Island, Maine – a smaller component of the book.
  • Lobster fisheries management – covered very briefly.
  • The history of lobster fishing in Maine – a miniscule amount of information.

If the first two topics interest you, you will probably enjoy this book, but if you are interested in the other topics, you might want to look for another book devoted to them, then return to this one if you want to read comprehensively, or if you feel you need a better understanding of lobster biology.

The biological information is presented in a clear manner, using very little jargon; I don’t feel that any scientific background is necessary to follow it. However, as a former marine biologist (but not lobster biologist), I may not be the best person to make this statement.

The author has a second book, The Story of Sushi, which I have not yet read.


One comment

  1. I hadn’t thought about any of these topics before, but, now that I’m encouraged to wonder what I know about lobster fisheries I realize I’m interested.

    This is why I can never get out of a library with only a couple books.

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