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Our Australian Allies

  Three Warhorses (3 out of 4 rating)   Three Warhorses (3 out of 4 rating) In these two books, Australian historian Paul Ham comprehensively covers two subjects which may not be well known outside Australia. Prior to reading these works, I knew that Australian troops had served in Vietnam, but didn’t know any details, […]

The Secret Life of Lobsters

  Three Warhorses (3 out of 4 rating) Several topics are scattered throughout this book; I’ve listed them below in descending order, based on my impression of how much space was devoted to each: The biology of the American (clawed) lobster – the majority of the book. Mini-biographies of several lobster biologists – a significant […]

Intrepid Aviators

  Three Warhorses (3 out of 4 rating) Intrepid Aviators is the story of a squadron of US navy Avenger (torpedo bomber) pilots fighting in the Pacific during the Second World War. The book is written by the son of one of the squadron’s pilots. I almost didn’t purchase it due to some reviews claiming […]

Ranking System

I use four ratings, rather than the traditional ‘five star’ system, as otherwise I find it too easy to simply take the middle road.  Here is some information about the symbols I use for my ratings, as well as my criteria for assigning them:   Four Feudal Estates I grant the author four feudal estates, […]