I think almost any historical topic is worth reading about, so I try to organize history books based on how well the writing held my attention; some books I’d recommend to anyone, others I’d reserve only for serious history enthusiasts. I have a post describing my ranking system.

Spanish conquistadors set out on expeditions to find the mythical ‘Seven Cities of Gold’, but I’m looking for great books, thus ‘Seven Cities of Paper’.  (In the past, books were physical objects made out of paper – it’s true, kids!) Also, saying something is ‘Paper’ can imply that it doesn’t exist, and some people have claimed that the ‘Seven Cities of Paper’ are not real. Of course, those people are completely wrong.

You may have noticed that there are eight cities on the site’s header image. Obviously, after looting the Seven Cities, you would use the spoils to build your own magnificent city!

I also review science fiction stories at Planetary Defense Command.


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