Unexplained Anglophilia


One White Elephant
(1 out of 4 rating)

I downloaded the Audiobook version of “England my England” when Audible was giving it away; if I had paid money for it, I probably would have asked for a refund. Despite its subtitle, the book does nothing to explain Anglophilia – it doesn’t even seem to make an attempt. It includes a handful of leftist political rants (such as stating that people who work on Wall Street should be guillotined) and a long discussion of racism which either wasn’t connected to Anglophilia, or was so dull that it bored me into forgetting the connection.

The only part of “England my England” that I enjoyed was the author’s account of reading the “Children’s Book of Wonder” as a child. The children’s book was filled with descriptions of things from all over the British Empire, and reminded me of my own childhood (I read encyclopedias at my grandparents’ house). Although the childhood story takes up a significant portion of the book, I don’t think the author was claiming that children’s books were responsible for Anglophilia. If he had made that claim, at least he would have been trying to fulfill the title’s promise.


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